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Because Barcelona Wind Tunnel is already here... come and to try out our Indoor Skydiving! Get Ready to Fly With All the Adrenaline and Fun, feeling Safe at the same time in Barcelona Indoor Skydiving . Buy Your Ticket and Lets Fly Now

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  • Personal Trainer Guide 100% - There will be an instructor trainning you before the flight and with you during the flight as well
  • Clothes and Helmet Included - We provide you with all gear you need, just wear confortable clothing for your flight before you arrive
  • Transport Not Included - We provide you with all the Information You Need To Make it Simple and Cheap
  • Pics Not Included - You are free to take as much as you want while you are not flying
  • Food Not included - But as well you can bring some snacks and drinks if you like

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You can choose different locations in Spain to do Wind Tunnel in an Indoor Skydiving Centre: Wind Tunnel Madrid, Indoor Skydiving Barcelona, Valencia, Sevilla...

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